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To go directly to a known taxon of Hymenoptera, enter the name below (maximum size = 256 characters). Only scientific names are stored in the database, no common names. The text field is case-sensitive and the spelling must exactly match the database entries unless a wildcard '%' is used. Regardless of wildcard use, all taxa whose name begin with the search string will be displayed.

Specimen Search

To retrieve the specimen data of a specimen, type in the full specimen ID (e.g. OSUC 54321, CASENT 2042161, etc.) or the start of the ID and a wildcard '%' to display all matches.

Please note the database backend is in the process of being migrated and some functionality is temporarily unavailable. This includes excel exports of the database. If you require a data dump please contact me at with the fields and information you require and I will do my best to assist you.

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